DFD Editor

This application was developed as part of a project under Dr. Nabendu Chaki at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Calcutta.


DFD Editor is a platform independent drawing tool which helps the user to draw, edit and validate their DFDs very efficiently. Users can draw multi-level DFDs and check their flow balance. The tool is extremely easy to use and the user can work with all the basic DFD symbols. The users just have to select them and place them on the drawing canvas. The DFDs can also be saved for future alterations. Besides it can also be used to model software system architecture and for automatic code binding (the code snippets are provided by the users against the lowest level process bubbles).

The application is developed using Tcl/Tk, iTcl/iTk in Linux operating system. The code is released under the BSD License. You can view the source code, redistribute it and modify it for enhancement. However, an acknowledgement will be appreciated.